PlayStation Vita hits 1.2 million sales worldwide, 600,000 in Western nations

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It seems that Sony has decided to put naysayers in their place today as Edge magazine is reporting that Sony has announced the company has sold 600,000 PlayStation Vita’s in under a week in Western nations. This is rather large news as not only does it show a break in Sony’s usual figures which only cover “shipped” units, but also shows that the PlayStation Vita is ready to take gamers by storm.

With February 19th’s sales figures of the PlayStation Vita, Japan’s total sales number at 578,812 which means that this estimated number of 600,000 must be true as Sony is claiming that they have now seen worldwide sales of 1.2 million Vitas. Now this doesn’t include North America only, but all other countries including Canada, Europe and Australia. Hopefully the Vita keeps this momentum going as high platform sales are the best way to attract publishers and developers.

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