Mutant Blobs Attack your PlayStation Vita

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Keeping a blob captive is a daunting task and apparently not one that the people at this lab were capable of performing. In Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack players will take control of an angry mutant blob that has finally been able to escape from a lab and now is ready to get its revenge by destroying and consuming everything in its path.

Developed by Drink Box Studios, the same people who brought you Tales from Space: About a Blob, Mutant Blobs attack contains plenty of new features, most of which are thanks to the fact that this game is for the PlayStation Vita. Players will be able to take advantage of bonus levels using the Vita’s gyroscopic controls, use of the touch screen and rear touch pad to provide a new take on the platforming genre and more. Check out the trailer below and see what a mutant blob can do once it has been unleashed.

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