Mad Riders from Ubisoft, looking awesome and coming to a network near you

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Welcome to Mad Riders, a new upcoming off road racer from Ubisoft for XBLA and PSN, that true to its name, looks to be chock full of manic adrenaline fulled mayhem set across 45 different tracks in differing tropical locations across the world. Collect rings and perform off the wall stunts in an attempt to fill the all important boost bar so you can zip past your opponents, finding hidden shortcuts to even further your lead. Developed by Techland, Mad Riders allows players to pit themselves against friends and others online, featuring extensive competitions and leader-boards so you can always keep track of your ratings.

Mad Riders also features a well implemented drop in system allowing players to compete in 3 different and action packed multi-player events with up to 12 other friends or racers from around the globe. With fully customisable ATV’s and characters, Mad Riders looks to be one of those highly addictive racing games that will leave you with sore thumbs and worn out control sticks by the time your done with it.

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