Kirby’s Dream Land 2 Headed to the Virtual Console in Japan

Platformer Nintendo News 3DS

You see, Kirby? Dreams do come true. In a rather expected yet still welcome move, Nintendo of Japan announced today that Kirby’s Dream Land 2 will see a release next week on the 3DS’ eShop. For those unfamiliar to this follow-up, Dream Land 2 offers a different mechanic from it’s predecessor and allows Kirby to catch rides from his animal friends.

There really isn’t a question of “if” us westerners will see a release of Kirby #2, but more of when as Nintendo have had no problem as of late showing the pink fluff a ton of love with his previous entries. All that is left to do now is simply wait for this, and get a bit more pumped for the rest of the franchise to follow suit.

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