Final Fantasy XIII-2 available now, Lightning DLC available February 7

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Only those living under a rock don’t know that Final Fantasy XIII-2 is being released today to stores everywhere in North America, and while the title may offer a very large amount of gameplay time on its own, Square Enix is looking to extend your playtime even further. Though those simply interested in seeing what the main game has to offer can check out the launch trailer below.

Today Square Enix has revealed that the first piece of DLC for FFXIII-2 will be released the same time as in Japan, on February 7yth. The DLC will add Lightning and Master Sergeant Amador to the Coliseum battle gameplay mode and players will be able to use them in their party once they have been defeated. Further DLC will be released in the future, this includes various costumes for characters and more episodes to expand the narrative of FFXIII-2 though these pieces of DLC will be detailed more at a later time.

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