Commander Shepard Takes Earth Back in Mass Effect 3’s New Trailer

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Earlier this week EA announced that a new CG trailer for Mass Effect 3 would be released during the US airing of the newest The Walking Dead episode. And, like the evil sentient machines intent on harvesting all life in the universe, it has arrived with a bang.

The minute-and-a-half trailer depicts Earth being invaded by the Reapers (you know, the big evil machines that the Council “dismissed” as a figment of Shepard’s imagination… that turned out well) and Shepard coming back to the planet with Ashley Williams and a whole lot of troops, tanks, and gunships. Queue epic music, epic special effects, and an all too short-lived epic battle that features a lot of the Commander going all Kratos on a bunch of husks.

But why are you reading about it? Watch it. And then you’ll probably watch it again a good 500 times before realising you’ve spent the past five hours retreading the same minute and thirty seconds over and over and should probably head to bed.

You’ll feel like immediately turning on your console of choice and saving the galaxy, but that’s not possible until March 6th.

Until then, play the demo.

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