Cloudflare – Our Latest Addition


As many experts in information technology will be able to tell you, Cloudflare is a system designed to protect servers from attacks, as well as displaying a cached version of a website whenever it is down.

Some of you may have noticed that we were down for maintenance over the weekend. During our maintenance period, we had cleaned up our database, as well as integrated this solution into our systems. What this means for you is that our site should be mostly available to you while ever the main server is down or overwhelmed.

Now then, as some of you may have noticed, there will be an occasional Cloudflare error that appears. These are caused by a few factors, such as the Cloudflare server not having a cached version of the page you’re looking for, or some other reason. From what I know about the system, it will automatically add pages to the system as well as do a snapshot of the site every four hours or so.

So basically, how to fix this error? It is pretty easy. You can press the refresh button to see if the live version of the site is back up, this will also check Cloudflare to see if a cached version is available. Ultimately, this should bring up some kind of webpage that you can view. If this still does not work, you can go into your internet options and clear your offline files / cache. This should kill the local version of the webpage that you’re trying to view, which could be the Cloudflare error page, and it should try and pull a new version of the site on your next refresh.

Ultimately, if the site is still unresponsive, you can be patient and try back later. We are taking steps to increase the stability of our site and this Cloudflare solution is one of those steps.

Thanks for your time and patience.

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