Zepi: Ultra HD 1.0 goes down the Rabbit Hole

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OstinGames has released Zepi: Ultra HD 1.0, which features Rabbit Hole, an entry to the parallel world of TimePills and CrazyRockets. Because parallel worlds are far more awesome than this world like that. The power-ups are a huge advantage, giving you some awesome ways to totally own your missions of clearing the gaming field of same-colour skins. But in a totally not racist way.

Gamers can bring in TimePills and CrazyRockets into the session by pulling them out from behind the central ring with their finger, and these two bonuses have very different tactical advantages. TimePills stop new objects from coming onto the field, and will eventually blow up eliminating all nearby objects. CrazyRockets fly across the playing field, chaining skins and as it dies the combo burns and will take those unfortunate skins down with you.

Zepi: Ultra HD is suitable for both children and adults, improving playing style as well as strategy, awesome graphics and sound effects, multitouch, thirty unique achievements, and a simple-to-use menu and controls.

Zepi: Ultra HD is available NOW on the iPad for $0.99 – Grab it HERE

BRB, playing games.

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