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Although many indie devs are still furious after being shoved to the side in the latest Xbox Dash update, there was some good news for them today.  Microsoft is now allowing indie games to be up to 500mb in size.  Second, they have removed the restriction that made any indie game over 50mb in size be priced at $3 to $5.  Now the minimum price is is $1, which is good for everyone. And finally, Microsoft increased the amount of games that any one developer is allowed to have on the service from 10 to 20. Hopefully, these moves will allow for a better experience, more sales and increased innovation in this space.

For more information, check out the official post here.

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  • Anonymous

    There are some real gems in the indie games, but there are also TONS of rehashes of the same lame stuff.
    Just look at how many “massage” games there are. Do people actually pay to turn their controller into a massager? Are people THAT lonely….err I mean, do peoples backs hurt that badly?

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