Trailer for SteroidS 2.0

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The Domaginarium has just released a trailer for the newest version of their top-down shooter SteroidS.

When I first saw the title, I thought that my character would be popping insane amounts of pills to imitate the Incredible Hulk and start bouncing off the balls. However, SteroidS is about shooting steroids into your opponents. By shooting your opponents you make them faster, but subsequent hits will destroy them altogether. Pump them up until they blow up!

The new version of SteroidS includes the following additions:

  • A new power-up, The BSG, is now available. The BSG (Big Steroids Gun) is a faster and more powerful steroids gun that lasts for 30 seconds.
  • The enemies’ “Steroids boost” has been tweaked, so that different enemies get different boosts of speed when shot.
  • Some sound effects have been removed, as many sound effects playing at the same time resulted in a busy-sounding game.
  • Three music tracks have been added. Dubstep and electronic music fit the arcade scenario well.
  • Introductory messages for the different game modes have been modified, and provide a better explanation of each mode.

Be sure to check out the version 2.0 trailer below, and definitely try out the demo for SteroidS (HERE). SteroidS is available for purchase at GamersGate and Indievania for only $5.99 including future updates.

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