Tomb Raider promotion with Geocaching creates a real world treasure hunt

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Now some people will likely not know what Geocaching is and those people should not feel bad about not knowing. However now there is a perfect reason to learn what Geocaching is because Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have announced that they will be partnering with to help promote their upcoming Tomb Raider game.

Now geocaching is something that is quite interesting in theory and is done by countless people all over the globe. Participatnts must use a GPS system or an app on their phone (that supports GPS) to track down various “geocaches” hidden by other people who then promote it on the website. The promotion itself will begin later this year and promises “a series of unique location-based adventures.” It will not only make use of’s app but also something called Geocaching Challenge from There was no hint as to what the treasures hidden will be but they most certainly will be worth the effort. Find out more about what Geocaching is here.

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