Toki Tori 2: First Animations

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Two Tribes has revealed the first animations for the upcoming title Toki Tori 2. Thus far we haven’t been able to see the characters in action, but now we can catch a glimpse of the Bubblefrog!

The developers offer the following statement:

Since our creatures are so much more important to the gameplay than in the original Toki Tori, we think they deserve more personality and custom animations. Actually, I think Toki Tori will have the least animations of all the creatures in the game, since he only whistles and stomps!

In the upcoming weeks, further animations will be provided for the public’s not only of the Bubblefrog but potentially Toki Tori as well. If you are interest in play testing the early versions of Toki Tori, you can find out more information about signing up on the Two Tribe’s website.

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