The Darkness II Interview with Seth Olshfski from 2K Games

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On the 19th of January, Capsule Computers headed out to Insert Coin(s) to check out an exclusive hands on preview of 2K’s The Darkness II. While we were there we had a quick catch up with the game’s producer,  Seth Olshfski. Check out the interview below!

After this interview took place, we had a go at playing the game ourselves and got drunk, played pinball  and watched some epic artists draw some The Darkness II artwork on a giant canvas.

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What we unfortunately didn’t get on camera in the interview however was while we played The Darkness II, Seth Olshfski himself gave us a little commentary and an insight into what it was like making the game. He pointed out little details in the artwork to such as scratches and such to try and emulate that drawn-up comic book feel. Another cool thing is he mentioned how they secretly give you a tutorial on the first stage, where Jackie’s leg is injured and is dragged through a restaurant, while you must shoots enemies by not giving you too much stuff to learn straight away.

The most impressive part however is that basically writer Paul Jenkins is a bloody genius. His theory behind telling a story is to ‘do’ not ‘show’, so instead of boring cutscenes they did their best to get you involved and interested in everything that happens in the game. That’s epic!

The Darkness II will be available February 10 on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Images courtesy of Noel Wheatley

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