Surprise Attack to Enter the Market

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Surprise Attack has announced that its beta trial has been successful, with ten games on schedule for release in the first half of the year. Because betas aren’t just for games, you know. Surprise Attack is aiming to launch 20-25 games during 2012, with most expected to be on mobile and tablets, which isn’t really a surprise given the rapidly expanding nature of the mobile gaming market.

Surprise Attack was launched in October 2011 by Chris Wright, the former THQ senior marketing executive, and worked on campaigns for free. Of the beta period he had this to say:

“One of our key learnings from the beta was that there is huge demand for the kind of services we offer,” said Chris Wright, founder of Surprise Attack. “We spoke with around 50 developers during the beta period. A common trend was that they know they need help with marketing their games but a great many don’t want to sign up with a publisher – they want to build their studio brand and have more control over the marketing.”


Clients currently signed up with Surprise Attack include:

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