Stop SOPA – A Capsule Theatre of Vision Special

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In a special edition of the somewhat unfrequent Capsule Theatre of Vision, I bring to you a message. That message, stop SOPA. For those of us in the know, SOPA is a huge piece of US legislation that basically wants to control the way we access the internet, the websites we browse and the content that we share between each-other across it.

While initially, the Stop Online Piracy Act may seem like a step in the right direction for the US, it also affects nearly every other country that relies on US webservices to exist. Why should countries like Australia be censored because the US wants to block half the internet? We’re already doing a fine job of censorship on our own, we don’t need some Act that’s out of our control to further throw us into chaos.

This is why I’m showing you this eye-opening video on the act and hopefully you learn why it is that you should be opposed to it. So be sure to check out the embedded video below.

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