Rage HD 2.0 – Two New Episodes For Purchase

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For those iPad users who find that casual and puzzle games just don’t help in venting rage, perhaps you should give some thought to the newly updated Rage HD. Bethesda Softworks have updated Rage HD to version 2.0 which includes new melee combat, official support for iOS5 and enables the in-app purchase of two new episodes: Kraken and Aqueduct. The new episodes will be available for $1.99 via the Store button on the Rage HD main menu. For just $1.99 you can battle your way through the wastelands of Mutant Bash TV, a post-apocalyptic game show. Find ammo and cash, make a deal with the host J.K Stiles and see if you can survive the carnage-filled carnival of death. Get your copy of Rage HD by clicking here.

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