Phantom Breaker’s Waka and Tokiya battle in latest trailer

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7sixty continues to release various gameplay videos displaying two characters battling it out against one another in Phantom Breaker. The latest trailer can be seen below which features Waka Kumon facing off against Tokiya Kanzaki. For those who don’t know, Waka is the daughter of a family of exorcists and she is battling to try and put an end to the constant fighting and Tokiya is the CEO of a major pharmaceutical company and he is battling to bring his dead parents back to life.

Phantom Breaker features a total of 14 characters that each possess a unique weapon and new abilities. The game will also feature a story mode for 11 of the 14 characters which tells the story of each of the 11 characters. Currently the title is set for release early in 2012 exclusively on the Xbox 360.

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