News Corp giant Rupert Murdoch accuses Google of being Piracy leader

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I just love it when people who have so much money they could use it as toilet paper get involved on issues relating to piracy and all the money these poor underpaid stars are losing when someone downloads their precious movies. Dont get me wrong, I agree on principle, I just wouldnt bother wasting my money or time trying to eradicate the issue. Using his newly activated Twitter account, News Corp chairman and CEO, Rupert Murdoch has accused Google of aiding internet film piracy, even going so far as calling them a “piracy leader”.

“Piracy leader is Google who streams movies free, sells advts around them,” Murdoch wrote. He later went on a further rant, making the point that producing films was “risky as hell”, without having to worry about the piracy issue hurting actors and writers. Oh, how we all wont sleep at night until the pirates are locked away in their cells, lest Brad Pitt not have enough money to feed his wife and kids. While Murdoch did praise Google for being a great company, he says his one complaint regarding their so called pro stand on piracy is a major issue to the industry. Using the new Mission Impossible movie as an example, Murdoch seemed astounded that he found several free links to watch the not yet released to retail title. What pray tell was he expecting to find while using a search engine, a message telling him to stop being a bad boy and looking up entertainment mediums that are not legal.

Mr. Murdoch has taken to Twitter lately on many topics ranging from the mundane through to his views on many things relating to US politics, and now Google. And in response to complaints about his own self proclaimed useless spelling and typing; Mr Murdoch, we all actually care.

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