New Kids App for those Long Trips

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A new combination of a maze and a ‘search and find’ puzzle game has come out on the iPhone for those of you who love to challenge yourselves on the go! It’s the prime road trip app, with the app itself starts with driving a car as you find your way through different land and cityscapes, going through challenges and trying to make your way through various obstacles.

Along the way you hunt down letters, penguins, numbers, ice cream trucks and heaps of other cool surprises. This one is certain to keep the kids entertained during the longer trips so this seems to be a good investment. It also helps kids to learn decision-making and critical thinking skills.

The art is done by Roxie Munro, an American children’s author and illustrator, which brings a great stylized nature to the game.

Check out the intricate and wondrous trailer for the game below!

Roxie’s a-MAZE-ing Vacation Adventures is out NOW on iPhone, iTouch and iPad for $0.99 – Get it HERE

BRB, playing games.

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