Leap and Platform Next are Microsoft’s newest studios

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Two newish development studios have recently sprung into view.  According to Microsoft’s job listings, they are looking for people to staff ‘LEAP’ and ‘Platform Next.’  Before you get all excited about ‘Platform Next,’ thinking its the Xbox 720 or whatever, be aware that its main purpose is to “pioneer experiences on Kinect.”  That said, there have been rumors that the next Xbox will have a Kinect built-in…

‘LEAP’ will also deal with Kinect, although its life goal is less defined.   Its described as an “incubation team,” by “the people that developed Kinect and profoundly changed the way people interact with technology.  We brainstorm exciting and ground-breaking experiences and quickly build working prototypes on top of developing tech. We transform our ideas into reality through shipping a first-to-market product.”

Which studio has you more excited, if at all?

Microsoft LEAP

Platform NEXT

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