Klondike Battle Now Free!

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Independent developers Nifty Inspirations, along with my favourite app freebies website Daily App Dream, are offering the popular solitaire game Klondike Battle for FREE. Yes, FREE!

Klondike Battle has the foundation of a solitaire game, but with a whole bunch of extras that set it apart. Based on ‘Russian Bank’, you play the game based on a specific set of rules; that is, playing head-to-head against either person or computer, to determine who is the true solitaire master. Ever gotten tired of simply working to defeat your own score? Well now you can bring shame to others and their clans by defeating them in a live-action solitaire game. Who said that procrastination doesn’t pay off?

There are four levels of difficulty, stats, and online rankings as well as Retina display support and Twitter integration. A highly popular app on it’s own that was released three years ago, this is definitely a game to pick up since it won’t cost you anything except the time you put into it.

Klondike Battle is available for FREE for the iPhone and iPad – Get it HERE

BRB, playing games.

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