Get a Behind the Scenes look at Wakfu…

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Ankama’s freemium MMO Wakfu is gearing up for a release in February, and to hold you over, a new developer diary has been released to give us all a better look at what’s inside. This clip has Game Designer “Azael” and Community Manager “Zidrune” of Ankama give a run-down on the freedom players will be given in this anticipated title.

From the economy system to the creation of kamas (Wakfu’s currency system), there is quite a bit explained in the clip if you don’t mind reading through some subtitles. At the moment, I am rather impressed with the easy-on-the-eyes art style presented though, as it seems like a brilliant move to go with a timeless design that is sure to run great on all PCs. Check out the video in full below, and don’t forget to keep an eye out for Wakfu when it launches next month.

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