EB Games Australia Selling Star Wars The Old Republic Two Months Early

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Australia had been due to wait until March to get it’s hands on Bioware and Lucas Arts latest game, but thanks to EB Games die hard Star Wars fans can get their hands on The Old Republic now. The retailer is fulfilling preorders of the game with an imported version , and there is a highly limited stock available in store and on their website for $78. The game will run on American servers, and although players may experience some slow down, it is said to function perfectly.

Bioware have previously said that there is no ban on importing copies of the game, and given that there is no official release date for the Australian territory EB Games are technically not breaking any embargoes. It remains to be seen what publisher’s EA will think of all of this, currently responding to Atomic with the less than happy: “No comment. We are investigating the situation.”

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