Dungeons and Dragons: Manace of The Underdark Expansion Unveiled

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Earlier today, the company behind the online massively multiplayer role playing game (Warner Bros), Dungeons and Dragons Online, unveiled the first expansion to the now free-to-play game. The expansion to the game, titled Menace of the Underdark, is set to be released in the coming Fall of this year.

This latest expansion is set to increase the player level cap, as well as introducing a plethora of new content for the game, as well as releasing the much anticipated Druid Class for use within the game.

“2011 was a year of growth for Dungeons & Dragons Online as we celebrated our fifth anniversary and completed a successful launch of the game in Europe,” said Fernando Paiz, Executive Producer of Dungeons & Dragons Online.  “2012 is going to be our biggest year yet with a wealth of new content throughout the year including the launch of our first expansion pack.  We are very excited to expand into the Forgotten Realms setting with a whole new storyline, level cap increase and the new Druid class!”

Check out a more comprehensive list of new features quoted below.


  • Journey to the Forgotten Realms- Experience the classic fantasy and adventure of D&D’s most imaginative and renowned setting. Arrive in the village of Eveningstar and adventure through the surrounding King’s Forest wilderness area where the citizens of the nation of Cormyr must unite to face a new threat to the Realms.
  • Brave the caverns of the Underdark- Come face to face with the Underdark Drow and Lolth, their Queen and goddess, as you explore this vast and twisted, subterranean world.  Infiltrate the Drow stronghold of Shindylryn – the city of portals – where Lolth’s forces work to further her schemes.
  • Attain Epic levels to 25! Forge your Epic Destiny and create a unique Epic hero with powerful character customisation options as you advance beyond level 20 to epic level 25.
  • Play the Druid Class- Play as the all new shape-shifting Druid class! Wield nature’s magic or transform into a powerful animal form with this classic D&D class.

Interested players should look into starting a new character on the game, by checking out the official site and downloading the client.

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