Diablo III Coming to Consoles

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In a strange turn of events, the upcoming isometric action role playing game and sequel to one of the greatest games of all time, Diablo III, is coming to consoles everywhere. This was announced on a certain developers twitter feed which read thus –

TaNGoIXT9 (Taylor)

@Bashiok can you confirm or deny Diablo 3 coming to consoles? Thanks.


@Bashiok Bashiok
@TaNGoIX Yup. Josh Mosqueira is lead designer for the Diablo console project.

9 Jan via Twitter for iPhone

This will be an interesting turn of events for players, particularly PC players who will need to sign into battle.net to play the game over the console gamers who may not have an everlasting internet connection. There will be more news on this in the future.


Retweeted by blizzard_anz –


by Blizzard_ANZ

“Yup” wasn’t meant to be an announcement. We’re still exploring a console version, but more importantly working on the PC/Mac version.

So this means that it is still a test and may be canned at some point, like StarCraft Ghost.

Gaming for as long as my memory serves me, probably longer.
  • Anonymous

    Yeah I think I read in Game Informer that they were thinking about bringing it to consoles, but they wanted to design it for consoles from the get-go and not just do a PC port. That way the versions will be perfected for what you play them on. However they only said they were thinking about it, and it depends on many factors.

    But I am hoping it comes to the 360. I like PC gaming, but my desktop needs a major upgrade to be able to run things, and my laptop is old and pretty much for internet use and games that aren’t big resource hogs.

    Still, I think I’ll be playing it regardless of platform, but I would like a PC and Console version.

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