Complete Gravity Rush’s Challenge Missions to power up Kat

Sony PS Vita News Action

As any good video game should, Gravity Rush contains two different kinds of missions. There are your standard story missions which will advance the plot and provide bosses for Kat to face off against, but then there are also side quests. The side quests in this title however are called Challenge Missions and they will award the player with precious gems that will be used to power up Kat.

Famitsu has explained that the precious gems will let players level up Kat’s various abilities such as her main skill to bend gravity and allow her to walk on walls and slam enemies with ease. She has a number of other abilities such as a gravity glove to lift heavy objects and more that has yet to be detailed. Gravity Rush is slated as a PlayStation Vita launch title in North America and is a personal must buy for this writer.

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