Atari Introduces Breakout: Boost+

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After their release of Breakout: Boost for the iPhone and iPad, selling over 2 milltion downloads in the first month, Atari have now announced a new version of the title, Breakout: Boost+. The new release will include 100 new and challenging levels while keeping the core gameplay that made the original a hit.

For just AU$0.99, this new title has a few new features…

  • “Boost Control” allowing the player to manually control the ball’s speed and multiplier.
  • Upgrades to aid in the destruction of the level, such as Fire, Acid, Splitting and Grenade balls.
  • New special bricks to encounter, including Exploding, Mystery, x4 and Metal bricks.
  • Save and restore mid-game, letting you easily resume where you left off.
  • Game Centre and OpenFeint integration with leaderboards and achievements.

The original, Breakout: Boost is also still available for free, with in-app purchases to buy more levels.

Download the old Breakout: Boost or Buy the new Breakout: Boost+ now!

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