Anime Say! Episode 10 – The Piracy Problem

Anime Say!

Welcome to Capsule Computers’ weekly anime segment, Anime Say! Each week I will be diving into some of the biggest anime related topic of the week and having my say on anything that matters in the anime world.

This week, I go discuss the state of anime piracy. Is it still a problem facing the anime industry? You can check out this week’s Anime Say! below.

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Senior Editor & Anime Specialist
  • I think this episode was crap, but of course you’ll come on as another user and say you were some kind of genius who’s always correct.

    • Rent

      I really don’t understand your hate for him at all. If you hate him so much why is it that you comment every time he does a video? Why do you even bother to bash him? Obsessed much?

  • I don’t know what the point he was trying to make was but I think he should of talk more about how anime piracy is dead and then he should of definitely emphisized the fact that anime piracy is no longer an issue and then finished up with the death of anime piracy and how not only is it dead but its no longer alive, I just think he went way off topic.

  • Josh Dollins

    I love crunchyroll. However while piracy is “dead” dvd distribution is ending

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