Amy’s price to be decided on Facebook

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Lexis Numérique  has set a price and release date for their downloadable game, Amy.  The price for the XBLA game is 800 Microsoft Points.  However, the price for the PS3 game is a whole $2.99 more, at $12.99.  As you can imagine, this caused a huge uproar.  So, the developer has decided to open a Facebook poll.  It asks the community to decide whether the price increase is a big deal to them.  So far, 70% of people have decided that the price increase is a big deal to them.  As a result, it seems as though the developer will have to reduce the PS3 version’s price.  Of course, this reduction comes with a price.  The game will be delayed on PSN.  The XBLA Amy will still hit next week.

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