American Retailers to offer 3D Classics Kid Icarus as a Pre-Order Bonus

Platformer Nintendo News Action 3DS

Remember when the U.K. got the promise of 3D Classics Kid Icarus for free by exchanging a couple of Club Nintendo codes? Well, this news has spread to the U.S. finally…but with a twist. Nintendo recently announced that anyone that pre-orders Kid Icarus Uprising will receive the remastered classic as an added bonus.

It’s a bit unusual anymore to see any kind of pre-order bonus with a Nintendo title in America, so this is of course good news. To make this deal sweeter, Club Nintendo members can redeem two of their 3DS game codes to receive the 3D Classics version without spending a penny as well. Either way, nothing says “BUY ME” better than getting something for free, and this classic version of Kid Icarus is sure to hit a few nostalgia spots when it is offered at participating retailers at the launch of Uprising on March 23rd.

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