Ace Combat 3D Demo, 3 Strikes and You’re Out?

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In a shocking turn of Ace Combat related events, Namco Bandai have revealed that the 3DS demo of Ace Combat 3D will only be playable 3 times before it says ‘hasta la vista baby’ and soars off into the assault horizon.

The reason this is so alarming is that the usual amount of plays for a 3DS demo is 10 times what Ace Combat 3D’s demo offers. That’s right the standard amount of plays is 30. Which honestly, by that point you should know whether or not you like the game enough to purchase it. However 3 times just isn’t enough to even whet a player’s appetite.

This is a very strange move by Namco Bandai, but one that doesn’t seem to be open to negotiations, as the demo hits Japanese 3DS’ tomorrow. What do you think of this? Let us know in the shoutbox and comments section.

Senior Editor & Anime Specialist
  • Just goes to show they’re not confident enough in their own content to let people play it too much for fear that they’ll be satisfied by the content and won’t make the jump to the actual retail product. Given that ace combat for the PSP was pretty short, that doesn’t seem too far fetched to me.

    Either way if this was out in Australia I’d be apprehensive in getting it since I don’t tend to like using large amounts of the internet allowance we’ve got on things that expire on me.

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