4 million 3DS sold in US, Mario titles sell 1 million each

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Despite having a rather lackluster start, the Nintendo 3DS seems to have made quite a comeback in 2011. This comeback can be attributed to a number of things, whether it be the successful price drop, multiple remakes of fan favorite games and finally the release of two popular Mario titles. In the end, 2011 saw Nintendo selling “more than 4 million” 3DS handhelds in the United States alone with 1 million copies sold of Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 each.

This is quite a jump for the Nintendo 3DS, as in the middle of the year the company had only reached 80K in July and 1.08 million in November. This means that perhaps in the past month Nintendo managed to get nearly 2.1 million 3DS handhelds into the hands of American consumers. This can be seen as a success no?

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