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To celebrate the launch of our 2011 Game of the Year Awards as well as heading into the new year, Capsule Computers have decided to give away a $20 Amazon Gift Voucher, and we want YOU to win it! All you have to do is simply comment below and tell us:

What Upcoming Video Game are YOU looking forward to play in 2012?

You can comment by signing in with Facebook or Twitter so it’s really easy to do. Competition will close on January 7, and this post will be updated announcing the winner. For more information, check the video below!

Also don’t forget the CC Forums opens January 17! Register as a member now so you can begin talking on the launch date!

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UPDATE: A winner has been selected! Congratulations to Treyes96! Our Editor-in-Cheif Philip Federico will be contacting you shortly! If for some reason there are any issues, feel free to contact him at info@capsulecomputers.com

Big thanks to everyone who entered the competition! We’ll be having more soon so keep an eye out for more competitions as we should have plenty soon!

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  • Bipzucker

    Dota 2
    my email: bipzucker@gmx.de

  • Ninjabunnyz

    Can’t wait for Diablo 3!

  • I’m looking forward to Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Damon Le Sueur

    Game I have been extremely looking forward to is the new Hitman:Absolution ever since Hitman:Blood Money came out I have eagerly been waiting for this game as it had been rumored a few years ago 😀 -Damon

  • Mike

    Diablo 3 and, hopefully if it comes out, Guild Wars 2

  • Gaminguys / 247 Consoles

    Prototype 2 for the win. Alex Mercer – It’s been too long!!

  • End of the world 2012 who knows if its coming out 

  • Waiting For The Wii U And Grand Theft Auto V

  • Grand Theft Auto V & Halo 4

  • I’m dying to see in the stores the new Mass effect 3! I love the first 2 parts and i hope that the 3th part will be good as the first 2 parts. And i hope that i will win 😀

  • Grand Theft Auto V  FTW!

  • Guild Wars 2 because Guild Wars 1 was great with the expansions and add on.

    Hundreds of hours of fun to come.

  • Osirismods

    mass effect 3

  • Matthewbattelboy

    kindom of amalur prototype 2 and soo on tnx u so much for leting me enter me aBD is today the 3 of jan and my sis the 7 lol hope i win i never won something in my life lol *loser i am a loser*

  • I’m waiting for Twisted Metal and the PS Vita !!!

  • Final Fantasy XIII-2!  

  • Treyes96

    SSX Deadly Descents! Cant Wait!

  • Metal Gear Rising: Revegeance!

  • JD

    Mass Effect 3 for me, I want to see how it ends. I loved the series and  expect to get a ton of fun from this


  • Deldiego9242001

    Prototype 2 Hope I win=)

  • I’m looking forward to Twisted Metal, already have my pre-order in so i can get a free copy of Twisted Metal: Black too 😀

  • twisted medal

  • Myrnamaksd

    maden nfl 12

  •  Gotham City Imposters has me excited!

  • Halo 4 hands down! @CherryRasulka:twitter 

  • The Darkness 2!  Jackie Estacado gonna f u up with some meatballs and Mike Patton!

  • Street Fighter X Tekken

  • Zulkifl

    gta 5

  • ANARCHY REIGNS!!!!! I can’t believe no one said it.

  • I wanna say The Last Guardian, but I am not sure if it is coming out this year. lol >.>’

  • Flowersisawesum

    Tekken VS Street Fighter … thats like if jesus had sex with an exploing star and created a race of Saiyan Children

  • Anonymous

    Really really looking forward to Diablo 3.

  • I’m a huge Halo fan, so definitely Halo 4! 

  • I am looking forward to Mass Effect 3.

  • Anonymous

    The first game I’m waiting to play in 2012 is Soul Calibur V.
    The character customization looks AWESOME and I’m really looking forward to seeing what they do with the storyline since it’s 17 years after the last game.

  • Str1k3rr

    I cant wait to buy Mass Effect 3 and Far Cry 3 and i want GTA 5 really Mad in i would be happy to buy Blizzard game WoW new expansion Pandaria Whit the new class Panda wich is neutral. And I really hope i will win i entered like 500 giveaways and didnt win in any of them. my luck has run out :(((

  • Sadie

    The newest installment of Rune Factory coming out for the Wii!

  • Wefoundamy

    The new GTA! Also, the end of the music in your video kinda sounds like the begining of katy perry’s ‘firework’ “do you ever feel, like a plastic bag”

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