Tiny Bee gets a free Lite version

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For all you cheapskates out there who want some quality apps but don’t want to pay anything (don’t get insulted, I am one of you), or if you just like getting free stuff (again, me), you’re in luck!

Nurogames have released the Lite version of Tiny Bee, the cute and brave bee who goes on a mission to save his hive, braving the harsh winter conditions and going after the honey pot. Tiny Bee has the same set up as Tiny Wings, going down hills to gather speed and then gliding to collect as much honey and pollen as possible. Can you make it to the honey pot in time and save your bee hive? Let’s hope so, cos they’re just so cute!

The Pro version has further levels, endless mode and additional achievements, and can be purchased in-app for $0.99.

So what are you waiting for guys? Go grab your FREE version of Tiny Bee Lite HERE for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad.

BRB, playing games.

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