Soul Calibur V story mode trailer released

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Namco Bandai has provided a new trailer for their upcoming Soul Calibur V which brings with it a close to the Soul Calibur IV’s story mode and introduces us into the latest entry of the series. In the trailer we see Siegfried and Nightmare do battle with one another until it appears that Siegfried wins and the sword lays dormant for 17 years, that is until it appears Patroklos draws it once again.

To be more specific, Namco Bandai provided this explanation of the video “17 years ago, the ultimate clash between Siegfried and Nightmare brought a cataclysmic conclusion to an era and ignited a new one. Since then, the sword was thought to have lost its power… But the new story that unfold will prove everyone to be wrong.” Sounds quite interesting and with the release of the title growing closer expect to see more Soul Calibur V information soon.

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