Sims Freeplay and Trenches 2 takes App Store by storm

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EA Mobile have added two more games to their impressive arsenal, with The Sims Freeplay and Trenches 2. So for those of you who have not yet found the game you will be wasting away the holidays with, these two are prime candidates for the position.

First off, there is Sims Freeplay, for which an article has already been written up here on the impressions and a bit of information on the game. To refresh your minds (or if you simply don’t want to click), you can control up to 16 sims, each with their own unique personalities, there are over 1,200 ways to customize each home, or you can simply buy already furnished places, and – most importantly – it all takes place in real time. Take control of your town and make the town wealth go up! And all for free!

Sims Freeplay is available NOW on the iPhone, iTouch and iPad for FREE! Grab it HERE.

Trenches 2 is also available on the App store, in which you get to fight an epic campaign through an expanded world map, in even more realistic battlefields with all-new artillery and troops. You get to lead your troops through over 50 locations across Europe, can customize armies with over 20 different units, and play with some all new military units and weapons.

Trenches 2 is available NOW on the iPhone, iTouch and iPad for $2.59. Grab it HERE.

BRB, playing games.

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