PS Vita sells only 72,479 units in second week; outsold by 3DS and PSP

Sony PS Vita News

While the PlayStation Vita seemed to have a successful launch in Japan last week, sales have dropped significantly in the second week since the system’s launch. Sony’s PlayStation Vita sold 72,479 units during the second week, which has placed it behind not only the Wii and PlayStation 3, but also its handheld competition the Nintendo 3DS. It even has been surpassed by Sony’s own PlayStation Portable reports 4Gamer.

The Nintendo 3DS sold 482,2000 units while the PSP pulled in 101,121. The Nintendo 3DS has of course done significantly well with the majority of its success in recent weeks since the release of a number of Mario titles. With Mario Kart 7 hitting 260,836 units sold and Super Mario 3D Land at 174,566. Unfortunately not a single PS Vita software title made it in the top twenty sold last week. This certainly isn’t a good start for the system, though with stiff competition from the Mario series and cheaper competition, the more expensive PS Vita may be a hard sell at the moment.

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  • Andyle604

    Portable gaming specific devices is all but dead. I’m sorry Sony, .99cent games offered on the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android phones/tablets are hella more appealing than a $50 PSVita game (literally, they are 50).

    With an iPad for example there is so much more you can do as opposed to a gaming specific device like the Vita. Not only that, but the PSVita is more expensive than an Amazon Kindle which is a very capable dual-core tablet.

    I’m sorry Sony. Pack up your mobile gaming division and focus on improving your phones (which sucks), your tablets (which sucks), the PSN (which sucks), and your HDTVs which has fallen behind Samsung in customer desire.

    I don’t mean to be bashful of Sony but the company used to be an innovating machine. Competition breeds innovation and I would love to see great stuff from Sony in the future.

    • Rottytops

      No. Handhelds > Phones, unless you’re a casual that has nothing to do with gaming.

  • Guest

    Epic Failure, like everything $ony!

  • Stefen Roebke

    Phones/Tablets will never replace handhelds.  They appeal to different marketsThe vast majority of  individuals who bought, say, a Nintendo DS last gen weren’t ACTUALLY wanting 99 cent pseudo-games.  They wanted experiences that can only be provided by dedicated gaming devices.

    You have always been able to get kinds of cheap or free games on a PC and a PC does WAY more than a home console does but the Home console is not going anywhere.

    Also, portable game systems will always be around because Nintendo will never make an Android Pokemon game.

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