PS Vita limited to one PSN account per handheld

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It is disappointing to see that nearly every piece of news about the PlayStation Vita lately has only helped destroy the hopes and buying intentions of consumers. In yet another bit of news to take away the hopes and dreams of the VIta consumer, it seems that the PlayStation Vita will only let buyers use one PSN account per system.

The reason this is such an issue is because the PlayStation Vita is not region locked which is a huge advantage over other handheld gaming devices on the market. But with this it seems that the system is digitally locked. Most PS3 and PSP users use multiple accounts, or at least one located in Japan to access the Japanese PlayStation Store and digital content not available anywhere else.

The only way to use a second account on the Vita is to delete everything on the Vita by resetting it to factory settings. For those that aren’t affected by the region locking, it also prevents the sharing of the console with family members as they will be forced to use your account only and not allow for different accounts per family member.

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