Nine-Tailed Fox Revealed

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Riot Games, developer of League of Legends, has finally revealed one of their most anticipated champions. Ahri, The Nine-Tailed Fox will be available to play in the upcoming patch. Ahri focuses her abilities on mobility and close quarter battles. Being a mobile fighter has its advantages to engage, evade, or even disengage enemies.


Soul Eater (Passive): Ahri gains a Soul Eater charge when a spell hits an enemy target. Each spell may contribute three charges for a total of nine. Once nine charges is reached, Ahri’s next spell offers massive spell vamp.

Orb of Deception: After releasing a magical orb, Ahri can pull it back to her position. Ahri’s orb does magical damage upon release and true damage on the return.

Fox-Fire: Three fox-fires appear which after a delay lock-on to nearby enemies doing area damage.

Charm: Ahri blows a kiss and entices her first enemy encounter to walk harmlessly in her direction.

Spirit Rush (Ultimate): Dashing forward, Ahri becomes horizontal to the ground unleashing essence bolts on three nearby enemy champions. Her ultimate can be administered three times before cooldown.

The Nine-Tailed Fox will certainly be a test to all of the die-hard summoners for Season 2. Remember to look at the League of Legends Website for more information on Ahri and Season 2 matches. Check out the cool screenshots above to see Ahri in action.

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