Mario gets down with Just Dance 3

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Who doesn’t love the Mario soundtrack? Well now you have a reason to dance to it apart from it’s damn catchy self – Ubisoft are releasing the DLC for Just Dance 3 where you get to dance along with Mario. Not only do you get to get down and funky with Mario dancing around on your screen but you’ll also recognise some of the settings you go through, as well as some damn catchy tunes that I’m sure most of us spent our childhood listening to.

The new track joins seven other DLC additons: Anja’s Baby Don’t Stop Now, Studio Allstars’ Jump, Olé Orquesta’s JamboMambo, The Girly Team’s TwistShakeIt, U Can’t Touch This and Soul Searchin by Groove Century and In the Style of Irene Cara’s Fame, all priced at 250 Wii Points each.

The Mario DLC is available NOW exclusively on the Wii version of Just Dance 3 for 250 Wii Points.

Check out the DLC footage below!

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  • Anonymous

    Oh man I should not have eaten that mushroom…

    That was really odd, not only the trippy colors but mario moving around like that was just strange. I think it was the big round belly that looked so strange. I can’t imagine being in a suit like that having to do mocap or something for that game. Haha.

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