Madman Entertainment have been known for their generosity when it comes to the season of giving and this year is no different, with Madman’s Magnificent Manga Stocktake Sale. That’s right, the sale that Madman held earlier this year is making a triumphant return.

The sale marks down incredibly popular manga titles such as Dragon Ball and Bleach to prices between $2 to $5. If that is enough to entice you for some holiday manga spending, follow this link to jump in on the sales festivities.

What manga will you be picking up on sale? Let us know what you picked up in the shoutbox and comments section.

Senior Editor & Anime Specialist
  • Anonymous

    I went to town when they had a sale in ,June, I think it was. Tons of good stuff for as cheap as a dollar. Though the shipping cost kind of hurt and kept me from getting as much as I wanted. I still got a really good deal since it worked out to about $3.50 per manga with the shipping figured in.
    A very awesome early birthday present from my husfriend. ^u^

    Can’t afford any this time around, but I’m still working on these manga.


    • Luke Halliday

      Yeah they do a lot of a great sales. Once they did a sale that was 10 dollars per disc (Australian mind you) which is an absolute bargain for us Aussies. 20 dollars for a 2 disc collection is more than half the price here haha.

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