Live-Action Akira slammed by George Takei of Star Trek

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George Takei, whom most would know as Sulu on Star Trek, has recently slammed Warner Bros. for their upcoming live-action adaptation of anime masterpiece Akira. In a video interview which can be seen below, Takei blasts Warner Bros. for whitewashing the cast and altering the film’s premise to the point where the message of the film will now become heavily distorted.

Takei poses the question; “Why even buy Akira, if they are only going to change it?” He further contends, “Why not create an entirely new production?” Both questions which are indeed worth raising. It does beg one to ponder why exactly did they purchase the rights to Akira if they only intend to create something entirely different which just features the name Akira and loosely related premise?

You can check out Takei’s interview below. What do you think? Is Takei on point regarding the Akira adaptation? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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