Kinect controls come to Skyrim

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If you are Kinect crazy, and/or Skyrim addicted, then you will be excited to know that it is possible to control Skyrim through Kinect. This unofficial mod is produced by Youtube user KinectFAAST. In addition to motion control, voice control is used extensively, making the game much more exhilarating. A partial list of commands is shown below:

-saying “Left hand” or “Right hand” to equip an item to a particular hand when in menu
– saying “Hello” to activate a conversation with a store owner or NPC
– saying “Journal” to access the journal
– saying “Skills” to access the skill trees
– saying “Switch View” to change between 1st and 3rd person perspectives.

KinectFAAST tells us how he produced this Kinect version of Skyrim:

“Well, gesture control is handled by the Kinect using a program called FAAST. FAAST, a middleware that operates using the OpenNI framework, converts user movements into keystrokes. Unfortunately, the openNI framework does not support voice control for the Kinect.

As a way around this, voice control in the Skyrim Kinect video is handled by a program called VAC (Voice Activated Commands). VAC allows you to pair spoken words with keystrokes. ”

What do you think? Do you want this tech to come to Skyrim for real?

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