Head Back to Karkand Now in Battlefield 3

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That is right, Battlefield 3 fans! You can head Back to Karkand right now as the DLC for Battlefield 3 has just dropped earlier today.

If you had preordered the special edition of Battlefield 3, you will be recieving Back to Karkand for the price of absolutely freaking nothing. However if you did not purchase the special edition, you can go scrape up some cash for around your house or much more sensibly borrow some money from your drug dealing neighbour (you’ll pay him back, chill out man!). Or you could just go and give an arm and leg (1200 Microsoft Points) for it.

Back to Karkand features several of the best Battlefield 2 maps re-imagined with the almighty Frostbite 2 engine and repackaged for you to download on your new game that isn’t Battlefield 2. Enjoy, Battlefield Vets!

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