Get your Hoops on with Basketball: Hoops of Glory

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Are any of you out there ballers? If so, strap on your hi-tops (or sneakers, or insert-brand-heres), grab your iOS device, and get ready to play some ball! Synqua Games have released Basketball: Hoops of Glory, a unique sports game that toes the line between catering for the basketball fans and the casual gamers who have picked it up for a bit of procrastination fun. With one-touch contols, great graphics, realistic physics and addictive gameplay, this is certainly a title to take a look at.

Basketball: Hoops of Glory follows Brodie – or Bro-Dawg, as the cool kids say – who wants to become the bestest basketballer ever. So it is your job to mentor, coach and aid Bro-Dawg to victory!

There are a few different modes: Practice, Challenge, Arcade and Time-Attack. There are also additional stages for Challenge mode available as an in-app purchase (99c for an additional 25 challenges).

Basketball: Hoops of Glory is available NOW for the iPhone, iTouch and iPad for FREE – Grab it HERE

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