GAMEVIL launches Last War for iOS devices

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GAMEVIL launched the Sale Online developed World War II strategy-RPG game on the app store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch earlier today.

In Last War, players take on the role of either an Allied or Axis general and must train and command troops for land, sea, and air to achieve the best strategic advantage. Players can unlock special items and abilities to help in their conquests by recruiting key historical figures and generals, and, of course, better weapons and troops can be researched and upgrades are readily available to players with the resources.

As players play through the game, they’ll have the chance to relive some of the great battles of the WWII campaign, or, if they so choose, change the course of history. A global network also allows players to battle each others troops, trade with friends, and even form alliances.

“Last War has a place for casual text-based RPG fans and history buffs alike,” said Kyu Lee, VP and Head of GAMEVIL USA, Inc. “We hope to give players the thrill of command and military warfare as a WWII general.”

Last War is available for free on the app store, right now.

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