Fruit Ninja plushes available now

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Perhaps one of the most popular and simple games on the iOS marketplace, even more so than Angry Birds is Fruit Ninja. That little mobile title was developed by the company known as Halfbrick and have even expanded beyond the mobile game and created a Kinect version of the title on the Xbox 360 for those who want to chop fruit with their own hands.

Fans of the game can now even have their own little sliced watermelon or even the game’s Sensei in plush form. To be more exact, Halfbrick has created their own online store and are selling the Sensei plush for $15.99 and a sliced Watermelon that can be stuck together with velcro for $14.99. Currently only the Sensei plush is available but if you keep an eye out I’m sure the watermelon will be available soon.

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