Fantasy Town makes the iOS magical!

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Everything is magical and nothing hurts! That’s how they roll in Fantasy Town. A place for magic and imagination where you get to grow magic plants, build a village of your own, and explore mysterious lands. Expect to run into some fantasy creatures, from dwarves to (I’m guessing) unicorns. Because what’s a fantasy game without some unicorns thrown in?

There aren’t any limitations to what you can build and decorate, so this is great for kids if they’re going through the stage where everything simply must be as colourful, shiny, and rainbow-y as possible! Or if you’re just looking for a place to vent your inner interior designer.

There are items to collect and monsters to slay! Fantasy Town will certainly fulfill your thirst for the fantastical, either way. Plus, you can invite friends over Facebook Connect and check out each other’s towns as well as trade some stuff.

Fantasy Town is available on the iPhone and iPad for FREE – get it HERE

BRB, playing games.

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