Face Racers: Photo Finish Speeds on to the 3DS Today!


If any company has been busy releasing 3DS titles this month, it’s Majesco. We have already seen games such as The Hidden and Cooking Mama 4 hit the platform recently, and today marks yet another celebration for the publisher as Face Racers: Photo Racers is now in stores. Developed by Renegade Kid (Creators of Dementium: The Ward, Dementium 2, and ATV: Wild Ride), this title puts players in the role of..themselves as they compete in an arcadey racing experience.

The meat of Face Racers is found in the vast customization offered as players are to snap a photo of themselves and apply their own face to their 3D racer. As well as in-game avatars, players can also personalize their karts, power-ups and even billboards along the 20 varied tracks.

Other features include:

  • Put your face onto your very own racer!
  • Customize not only your racer, but also the karts and billboards with your Nintendo 3DS™ camera.
  • Use standard controls or try the 3DS gyroscope control scheme for a unique racing experience.
  • Tons of power-ups like the “In Your Face Taunt” and “Triple Missiles” give you the leg-up on the competition.
  • Supports single and multiplayer (for up to four players) kart racing action.
  • Race through 20 exotic track locations like Ghost Ship and Outer Space.
  • I know the timing on Face Racers is a bit off due to Mario Kart obviously overshadowing it, but I want to say I’m a bit more intrigued by this kart racer as Renegade Kid have obviously worked hard to give 3DS owners something unique in their creation. Face Racers: Photo Finish is now out everywhere for $29.99, so get yourself groomed and snag up this fast photo op today!

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