Dynasty Warriors NEXT to launch alongside Vita in North America

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While we have seen confirmations that Tecmo Koei’s Dynasty Warriors NEXT would be a PlayStation Vita launch title in Europe we had yet to hear about the North American state of the game, until now that is. Today Tecmo Koei has confirmed that Dynasty Warriors NEXT is indeed a launch title in North America as well and will be available on February 22nd.

From what we have heard of the game it seems like it will take advantage of everything the Vita has to offer, showcasing the features at their best. The game will involve use of both the touch screen, the touch pad, the camera and the gyroscope have all been built around the Dynasty Warriors’ usually formulaic gameplay style. Considering the title will also offer upwards of 65 characters including a character creation mode I find it hard to see this as anything but a launch day pick-up.

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